The year before our wedding, we helped build a dock over the pond for my (Kendal's) sister Andrea’s wedding to her husband James. Now it's a special spot where we, along with several people in our family have gotten married, too. I’ve been the minister for a few of them!

Adoring couple would be honored to fill your baby's life with music, laughter, loving extended family, Disney vacations, Christmas celebrations & so much more!

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. We are so excited to meet the incredible person who could make it possible for us to build our family.

In 2018, I (Ryan) landed my dream job working at a Broadway theater owner on their business development team. My team’s goal is to help the shows in our theaters run for years and years.

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Ryan tells really funny stories that make kids laugh. I (Kendal) have caught him practicing funny voices for reading to our godson, Sammy. He makes silly faces, loves to dance, and always has music playing in the house.

Kendal's side of our family in Georgia

Both my (Kendal's) parents are from the farmlands of central Illinois. But after raising their kids all over the country, my mom Ruth, dad Rich, and many of my aunts, uncles, and cousins have all migrated to the greater Atlanta area to be closer to family.

My (Kendal's) Aunt Gobie is SO excited to be “Grandma Gobie” to another baby soon. She is a baby whisperer, and she’s mobile. She will be a huge help to us as our family grows.

Even when the world outside our door is scary, we have a roof over our heads and plenty of food on our table. And we want to share it as generously as we can. We hope we always have a crowded dinner table, with room for everyone to feel safe and loved under our roof.

Since I (Kendal) was a kid, I’ve had a passion for nature. You could always find me digging in the dirt, or trying to build a tree fort.

Since I (Kendal) arrived in New York on my bike, I’ve been able to perform in some very cool shows with remarkable people. I am so excited to surround your child with music and exciting people like I had in my life growing up.

Ryan's former roommate and work pal Colleen and her fiance Mike will decorate Instagram-worthy birthday cakes for birthdays and celebrations as they do for us every year.

Neil is the best listener and wittiest friend. He'll be a wise and funny uncle when a new baby joins our crew.

Please call or text us 1-800-933-1975

Please call or text us 1-800-933-1975

Why we want a family

We feel really lucky that we have safety, security, and love with each other, and with our families. 

The world feels like a really scary place some days. Maybe it has always been that way, but for some reason, it feels like things are getting harder. 

We want to be a safe haven for a child in the middle of all this noise and chaos.

My (Kendal's) dad Rich was 15 when he asked my mom Ruth to sit next to him on the school bus. They were high school sweethearts and have been together for over 50 years! They love family more than anything else and have built their lives at the farm around gathering with people they love.

When I (Kendal) was little, my parents often took our family to the National Aquarium in Baltimore. 

Those visits inspired a life-long love of aquatic animals — especially the killer whale. In fact, I talked about them so much that I earned the nickname “Whale Boy.” Now, I proudly embrace it on my forearm with my nerdy whale tattoo. 

My love of the water eventually led me to become a master SCUBA diver in my 20s!

My (Kendal's) parents loved their life where they raised us outside of Washington, D.C., but they dreamed of the simpler times back on my mom Ruth’s childhood farm. Several years ago, they retired early and moved to a 26-acre farm near Atlanta. There’s so much space, and extended family is always visiting there. Because we are lucky enough to work remotely from home, we spend a lot of our time on the farm, too.

My dad Rich (Kendal's) was a college band director, which meant that we were always surrounded by music growing up. He is such a proud Grandpa, and can't wait to show a new grandchild around his workshop..

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Ryan's side of our family in Ohio

I (Ryan) am the only child to my mom, Fran, and dad, Ron. My parents had been together for 30 years when they realized they didn’t need to be married to stay best friends. They separated but maintained a deep and loving relationship. (They even kept living together!)

After Thanksgiving dinner, we light a fire and decorate the tree while we sing Christmas carols around the piano.

The house is always warm with some delicious smell coming from the kitchen.

Our holiday traditions

Christmas is very important to both of our families, and we love to carry on our traditions together. 

Long before there was an elf on a shelf, Ryan’s mom Fran created her own special tradition called the Christmas Mouse. Ryan’s mouse “lived under the refrigerator” and brought small gifts all December, but only if there were good things to report back to Santa. We definitely plan to keep that tradition alive. 

Our dog, Nelson is an adorable cavapoo, often mistaken for a teddy bear. (Please see for yourself.) He loves kids and has been around many since he was a puppy. Needless to say, they love him too.

Please call or text us 1-800-933-1975

Around Thanksgiving, emails from OkCupid kept bugging me (Ryan) to rejoin and read a new message. I was skeptical, but kinda hopeful it was Kendal. So I logged in one final time, and there it was: Kendal’s reply, including his phone number. He said he remembered liking my smile from that day at the gym. So I sent the first text message, and we haven’t gone a day without talking since.

My (Kendal's) cousin Todd and his wife Lauren live directly behind my parents' farm with their four boys. Because we share a birthday, I have a special bond with their youngest, Maddux. We add a new move to our secret handshake each year on our big day. When we're in town, Ryan and I drive them to practice, chat about sports and school, and go with them to national parks every summer for hiking adventures.

Two years before our first date, we were both hired to perform in a musical together. But in a cruel twist of fate, that show was canceled before rehearsals even started. 

With my newfound free time, I (Ryan) started going to a gym where I met a funny guy named Joel—not knowing he would become my brother-in-law.

One day in a group fitness class, I noticed a guy with curly black hair, who looked like Joel. I  realized he must be Joel’s brother, Kendal. I introduced myself after class and felt a connection, but I wouldn’t see him again for two years.

Ryan's former roommate and college pal Meghan is our dog Nelson’s favorite playmate. We call her “Auntie M,” in honor of her favorite movie, THE WIZARD OF OZ. She’s the first one to get down on the floor for some serious playtime. We predict she’ll be the “Cool Aunt” that will give the kind of advice only a cool aunt can provide.

We have a close group of chosen family members in New York City and love to have them over for dinners, game nights, live TV events, and award shows.

We always have plans for concerts, museum exhibits, and travel so we have adventures to look forward to.

Our jobs are fully remote. We take advantage of our mobility by spending time with our families in Ohio and Georgia. Our family's 26-acre farm in central Georgia is a retreat that attracts visitors at all times of the year. Everyone is overjoyed to welcome a new family member to the crew!

After college, I (Kendal) moved to Nicaragua for two years and taught music and art classes with a group that supported kids in need. During that time I learned to speak Spanish fluently and developed a deep love of Latin American culture.

We even included our intention to be parents in our marriage vows! Everyone has been so encouraging and supportive, letting us know that they believe that we will be wonderful parents. It feels so exciting that this chapter of our journey is about to begin. 

Our Story

Hi! We're Ryan and Kendal.

We’re really excited to meet you. We know you are making a really serious decision. It takes a brave and loving person to make an adoption plan together with a childless couple who is not able to have a child on their own. 

We’re grateful that you’re taking the time to get to know us. We hope that what you learn about us in these pages gives you comfort because we have so much unconditional love and support we want to share with your child.

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays. Our parents helped us make homemade costumes each year when we were kids. Now that there are lots of children–and dogs–in our lives, Halloween is our time to shine! Every year, we get out the craft supplies and make our costumes at home.

My dad Rich was a college band director, so from the time I was born I was surrounded by music, sports, and very interesting people. I started playing the piano at age 5 and also learned the French horn. More than anything, I loved singing in choirs and performing in musicals. So much so that I earned a degree in Musical Theater from the University of Michigan.

Our reception started out with a big southern barbecue. After dinner, we floated wish lanterns on the pond, then danced into the early morning hours. The next morning, we said farewell to everyone over doughnuts.

Kendal always inspires people to be a better version of themselves. He will encourage your child to be authentic, kind, and true to themselves.

We hope our kids call him Papa.

Ryan thinks Kendal is going to be a great dad because...

His spirit is so childlike. The kids in our lives have the best playmate when he's around. He is nurturing, and empathetic, and you couldn't ask for a better listener.

Kendal reflects on our wedding

Sometimes we joke that our wedding was actually a three-day music festival in disguise. Really, it was the perfect celebration of our relationship and our community. Lots of love, plus Ryan's attention to detail—made for a spectacular weekend. I’m pretty proud that people still tell us it was the most fun wedding of their lives!

Many of our friends and cousins have kids—so children are already a huge part of our lives. We're always planning weekends and vacations around kid-friendly activities, because we value spending time together.

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Sadly, my (Ryan's) dad Ron passed away in 2018.

He was a jovial, soft-spoken man who made friends with everyone he met. He was so excited for us to become parents someday.

I hope I will bring his best qualities into fatherhood.

Kendal loves to read, camp, ride his bike, sing, and draw. It will be so exciting to watch him share these activities with your child.

Our chosen family in New York City

We are fortunate to have a group of really close friends in New York City.

Our friends are so excited for us to become parents and are already planning play dates and celebrations.

Before we met

Hi! I'm Ryan.

I grew up as an only child in northeastern Ohio, about halfway between Cleveland and Pittsburgh.

On the weekends, my parents, Ron and Fran, took me to those cities for concerts, museums, or Broadway tours.

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Ryan's dream job

I (Ryan) always loved performing on stage, but my part-time jobs taught me that I also enjoy business and management. 

In 2017, I was offered an opportunity to explore a different career path on the other side of the theater curtain, and I jumped on it.

It was a few weeks before we could meet in person, but we had fun flirting over texts. But to be honest, our first date was pretty unremarkable. After bowling, we walked each other to the subway. Neither of us even expected to get a second date!

But there on the street corner, Kendal took his chance on love and asked me (Ryan) for a goodnight kiss. Just like in the movies, fireworks shot off in the sky for both of us. That kiss was the last nudge from the Universe that confirmed we were supposed to be together. Just shy of a year later, I brought Kendal back to that corner, got down on one knee and proposed.

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Open Adoption

Broadway Show Professional & Car Designer Hope To Adopt 1st Baby.

We got married on my (Kendal's) parents’ farm in Georgia. Instead of a traditional rehearsal dinner, we invited our friends to perform in a concert of classic love songs on our back porch. It was magical. So many people that we love shared their incredible talents, while toasting (and roasting) both of us. We had Broadway performers, classical musicians, jazz vocalists, and folk singers. Ryan honored his Grandma Sadie by recreating the menu from her wedding, complete with her famous cheesecake.

My (Kendal's) sister Andrea is a pediatric nurse, just like our mom Ruth.

She and her family live in Stockholm, Sweden. Her husband James is a trombone superstar, and they travel all over the world for his orchestral career!

Ryan loves helping other people make beautiful things. He has so many ideas for arts and crafts with kids. His special talent is helping you shop for stylish clothes that make you feel good about yourself. He was named “best dressed'' in his high school, after all. He will make sure that a child always feels proud of how they look in their clothes.

Ryan's BFF Jenna and her husband Isaiah are parents to Samson. Sammy is the first child in our NYC friend circle and he is eager for a friend. Everyone is in love with Sam Bam, and cannot wait to fall for another baby.

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Adoption Agency Home Study Approved

Expenses Paid

Please call or text us 1-800-933-1975

Jenna has been my (Ryan's) best friend since childhood. Our families are old friends, and we were born within months of each other. Though I’m an only child, Jenna and I consider each other siblings. Jenna lives nearby in Brooklyn with her husband Isaiah and our godson, Samson.

It has been so dear to watch my (Ryan's) grandma Sadie form a relationship with Kendal. 

She just adores him and insists "he's my grandson now, too." 

Grandma's been teaching Kendal all her “secret” recipes that she swore she’d never reveal to anyone!

My (Kendal's) brother Joel and cousin Dylan also live on the farm, with their dogs Gershwin and Honey. Joel is a hilarious chef with a huge personality who loves to sing. When Joel cooks, you know what love takes like!

Please call or text us 1-800-933-1975

My (Kendal's) mom's sister, Lori, lives on the farm. She also lived with us when I was a baby. When I was little I couldn’t say her name, so I called her Aunt Gobie. Since then, everyone else does, too. She is like another mom to me, and has become very close with Ryan.

We live in a vibrant, safe, beautiful neighborhood of Manhattan in New York City. We live close to parks, playgrounds, and the Hudson River walkway. 

One of our favorite weekend activities is to get lost on unexplored streets with our 6-year-old pup, Nelson. 

Thank you.

We hope this has helped you get an idea of who we are and the life that we hope to share with your child. We would be so excited to learn about you and to hear about your hopes and wishes for your child.

If you have any questions about us or the legal process, please feel free to contact our attorney, Suzanne Nichols. She will be happy to speak with you and has a toll free number where she may be reached: Suzanne Nichols: (800) 255-1415.

Whatever decision you make, we wish you peace and comfort on your road ahead.

Signature script

Warmly, Ryan & Kendal (& Nelson, too)

Best of all, Ryan is an incredible listener. He gives good advice, and always leads with his heart. He also doesn’t tolerate shenanigans. Even now, kids can’t get anything past him.

We hope our kids call him Daddy.

Kendal's dad Rich is particularly sentimental about Christmas.

He loves getting the family together to hunt for that perfect Christmas tree every year, just like in the movie CHRISTMAS VACATION!

Please call or text us 1-800-933-1975

Technically, I (Kendal) am a type of writer called a Content Designer. The main goal of my job is to help people understand complicated ideas. That’s something I learned to do in the first part of my career, working with kids.

Kendal's dream job

I (Kendal) didn’t even know that my job existed when I was little… but now that I have it, I know it’s my dream job. I work for a company that makes all-electric, totally self-driving cars. It’s way more futuristic and nerdy than I ever expected my job to be… but I’m super passionate about it because I think it will help make the world a greener, safer place.

Ryan remembers how we met

We said earlier that we believe fate is guiding us. Maybe that’s because of all the ways the Universe has shown us we belong together—even before we met and started dating.

We were born 9 days apart in the same year. I (Ryan) am older, and Kendal affectionately refers to me as his “old man.” We are both Virgos, through and through.

We usually travel to Ohio to celebrate Christmas Eve with the traditional Italian Feast of the Seven Fishes. Ryan’s Grandma Sadie bakes tons of Italian cookies and teaches Kendal a few traditional family recipes. Uncle Joe always makes more pizzas than there are people.

My (Ryan's) mom, Fran, still lives in my childhood home. She is tiny, but her personality is larger than life. She is so proud of our Italian-American heritage and loves to carry on family traditions, especially through her delicious homemade Italian food. She’s the most generous person I know.

In our hearts, we know that fate is guiding us. Should you choose us, we promise to honor you and your tremendous gift every day. We will never take your amazing gift for granted and will always be your child’s cheerleaders and support system.

​We love children so much. We’re financially, emotionally and logistically ready to be completely devoted fathers together, should you decide that we are the right couple for you and your child.

The day after the concert, we said vows that we wrote ourselves before 250 of our family and friends. We asked our families to stand beside us as our wedding party. There were two wide aisles, so we could walk at the same time, each of us escorted by our parents.

Kendal's parents love making beautiful handmade gifts. They hunt for cool, old things at garage sales and antique stores all year round and clean them up. They almost always have a project going on in their workshop, and they love teaching kids how to make old things new.

Hi! I'm Kendal.

I grew up in Maryland, close to the border with Washington D.C. I’m the middle child of three siblings, with an older sister named Andrea and a younger brother named Joel.

We want to teach our kids to be self-reliant, but good teammates. We want them to know that the most important thing is to love themselves first. We’ll teach them to be kind and compassionate - to themselves and to others. Because if you can’t love yourself, how in the heck are you gonna love somebody else?

Just after Halloween in 2014, I (Ryan) was comparing online dating horror stories with a friend at work, and together we made a mutual decision to take a break from dating apps.

When I logged in to delete OkCupid, that cute guy from the gym was my “Match of the Day.” It was Kendal, smiling warmly back. In slight disbelief, I took one last chance on love, sent Kendal a message, then deleted the app.

Please call or text us 1-800-933-1975

Back when I (Kendal) was performing, I ran an after-school program for music, theater, and dance.

It led to many years of teaching in different contexts. I directed kids' shows, taught voice lessons, and helped many children find their missing homework.

After Nicaragua, I (Kendal) checked something off my bucket list by riding my bicycle across the country.

Starting at the Pacific Ocean in Washington state, I pedaled over the Rocky Mountains and ended at the Atlantic in the city that never sleeps.

It’s how I moved to New York to pursue my dream of being an actor!

When I (Ryan) was 7, my parents took me to see THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA. I was so mesmerized, my mom Fran still jokes about checking to see if I was still breathing throughout the show.

That was the moment I felt the bite of the theater bug. Soon after that, I learned I loved to sing and dance, and started performing and taking voice lessons. Eventually, I got my Bachelor of Music in vocal performance at Ohio University.

Our life together

We are so ready to be at-home dads because we have successful, creative careers. Both of us have our dream jobs, and both of us work remotely from home.

We are so lucky to still have my (Ryan's) grandma Sadie, who cannot wait to be a great-grandmother! She bakes cakes, brownies, and other "goodies" every morning that she proudly shares with her family, her hairdresser, the banker, and the residents of her building. We talk every Sunday before her "programs" come on...usually while her ravioli boils.

Our friend Steven is the fabulous fairy godmother everyone wishes for. He will stock your fridge before you get home from a long trip. He cooks with love, has the best sense of humor, and is an attentive listener.

Our friend Nick will be responsible for the extravagant toys we say no to. He'll also be one of many pediatric nurses we can call with late-night questions. We are fortunate to have a long list of people eager to share a part of our family’s life!

Kendal is gentle and kind. He takes time to show people (and dogs) they matter to him. I (Ryan) recently overheard Kendal's cousin Maddux tell his big brother, Kendal's cousin Zach, "I'm going to draw something and show Kendal so he can tell me how good it is." That sums it up.

Teaching is also how I (Kendal) learned to talk to kids like real people. Kids open up to me, because I love to listen. It’s one of my superpowers. I can’t wait to deploy it with a family of my own.

After college, I (Ryan) followed my dreams to New York City and spent my twenties performing in musicals all over the country. And even though I don’t act anymore, I love seeing Broadway shows and theater of all kinds. I love to read, listen to music (especially pop and country), discover movies and TV shows, and explore new neighborhoods… all things I cannot wait to share with your child.

Please call or text us 1-800-933-1975

Before she retired, my (Kendal's) mom Ruth was a nurse at a children’s hospital, where she was known for singing to all her patients. She grew up on a dairy farm and loves watering her flower beds. Her grandkids and nephews call her Oma. They always bring her buttons to sew back on and school projects to prepare. She's so excited for a new grandchild!

Diversity is important to us in all areas of our life, so exposing kids to urban, suburban, and rural cultures is a significant priority. We feel so fortunate that our life in New York City, Ohio, and Georgia has so much to offer children and keeps us close to all of these different experiences.

Please call or text us 1-800-933-1975

For me, (Ryan), it was wonderful to grow up with my grandma Sadie — and my other grandparents, Orlo and Betty — close by. I look forward to the same for your child. We hope my mom Fran, Uncle Joe, and Grandma Sadie will be a huge part of your child’s life!

Please call or text us 1-800-933-1975

Kendal thinks Ryan is going to be a great dad because...

He's always thinking ahead about how to take care of people.

Whether it’s planning an event or getting tickets to Broadway shows, Ryan is really good at bringing people together.

In both of our families, Thanksgiving and Christmas are all about gathering for good food and good music. At our table, the more the merrier. Kendal's mom Ruth hosts the extended family and cooks the most extravagant traditional American feast in honor of our Amish heritage.

I (Ryan) get to work on musicals like Disney’s FROZEN, MEAN GIRLS, THE BOOK OF MORMON, and MOULIN ROUGE. My job comes with cool perks like tickets to see shows. We love dressing up to attend opening nights and special events like the Tony Awards every year. I cannot wait to share these experiences with a child and dress him or her up to get in on the fun.

Kendal is a natural-born teacher. He will provide patient support with homework and always be a steadfast cheerleader through whatever life throws your child’s way.

Please call or text us 1-800-933-1975

Please call or text us 1-800-933-1975

Our wedding was about sharing our love and our relationship with our community. We gave everyone a peek at how we try to live our lives, and talked about our hope for a child throughout the weekend.

My (Ryan's) Uncle Joe is my mom Fran's younger brother, and is a major part of our lives. He ran our family's Italian restaurants in Cleveland, so he makes the best pizza. "Joey" is everything you could want in an uncle. He’s funny, he lets you get away with things your parents won’t, and he showers you with love. He is so excited to meet a new baby, and I know he will be so supportive of your child, like he was to me.

My (Ryan's) mom Fran taught children with special needs in public schools for 35 years. However, she was beloved by every kid in school, inspiring her nickname "Queenie," the queen of the school. She cannot wait to be Grandma Queenie (to a human) when we are blessed to be parents.

I (Ryan) started out on the hit Broadway show, DEAR EVAN HANSEN. It taught me so much about all the people and jobs that go into putting on a show. Over time, I got more and more interested in how shows could attract new audiences, and began looking for jobs in ticketing sales and strategy.